A biostimulant to improve the blush intensity of of red apples and other bi-color apple varieties.


ZinFruit is a « Nutriciteur » which brings Zinc, specifically associated to a natural plant extract. The vitality of a plant depends on the availability of nutrients and its ability to resist aggressions. Therefore, « Nutriciteur » ensure that a plant remains in optimal condition.
« Nutriciteur »: a unique combination, the natural vitality of plants:

NUTRITION: A well-fed plant is a healthy plant. A nutricitor is a combination of nutrients (sulphur, magnesium, calcium, manganese and zinc) and a co-formulant comprised of elicitors.

ELICITATION: An elicited plant is a plant mobilised to preserve its potential. An elicitor is a substance derived from mineral, plant or microbial matter that activates the natural barriers of plant cells in order to protect the development potential of plants and limit the impact of aggressions on their growth from the environment.



Abiotic Stress


Nice Looking fruits


  • ZinFruit prevents and corrects the deficiencies in zinc. A zinc supplement to red apple trees whilst at the same time assisting in making red apples redder.
  • ZinFruit guarantees high levels of yield and improves the quality of productions (dry material, grades, colouring). It brings the nutritional element Zinc in highly concentrated liquid forms, 100% soluble and of great purity to be 100% efficient.


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Guaranteed Analysis% in weight
Zinc33.5 g/ℓ
Sulfur16.1 g/ℓ

Crops/Dose Rates

Red Apples varieties: 3 – 6 mℓ
Apply two weeks prior to harvest.


  • Apply ZinFruit at a maximum concentration of 1%.
  • ZinFruit contains some organic and natural co formulating agents. It is not necessary to add any adjuvants.


  • Shoul ZinFruit be mixed with any other agriculture remedy, first make a premix to test physical compatibility. Test premix on a limited scale for phytotoxic symptoms.
  • Always add ZinFruit last to the spray tank.


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