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Foltron registration

05 January 2014
Foltron registration

Following years of intensive field trials on tomato in the country, Arysta LifeScience Southern Africa was recently delighted to receive the South African registration for a new product to add to the current fast-developing nutrition portfolio.

Foltron is a plant growth biostimulant and highly concentrated liquid foliar fertilizer made from a combination of micro nutrients, macro nutrients and folcysteine.
The Folcysteine and nutrients contained in Foltron help to reduce the abiotic stress.The Folcysteine increases plant biochemical reserves and optimizes physiological pathways. These elements help the plant to withstand critical periods of its development.

Foltron is a 3 in 1 “vegetative growth stimulator”:
- an activator of re-growth after transplanting,
- a stimulator of growth of young plants,
- an optimizer of vegetative growth especially under stress conditions.

The field trials conducted on farms of the major tomato-producing areas in South Africa showed bigger and better size of fruits. Foltron proved to be very enhancing to tomatoes by increasing the yield and the quality of fruits.
Foltron is used to accelerate growth, to improve fruit quality and to increase yields in a wide variety of vegetables and potatoes.


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